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Teri Hunter is your Psychic and Angel Guide

Welcome to my twitter account & my blog.  My blog is the official site of Word Vibration of the Week (WVOW).  My intention for my tweets and my blog is to create a community where we can share our thoughts and ideas about how words resonant with our energy.  Click on the links below to read the full blog posts. I look forward to your comments and our discussions.​

"I am grateful for those times of struggle because they have prompted me to look for tools, tools that would help me get out of my own way and create the life I truly deserve."  -- Teri Hunter

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Your Guide to Angel Readings, Reiki, Meditation and Self-Exploration

My name is Teri Hunter and I am an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, an Intuitive Guide, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach. 

As your companion and spiritual guide, I can walk you through private sessions that are focused on removing blocks that may be keeping you from the things you want in life. There is a predictive aspect based on actions you are currently taking. 

Bear in mind nothing is set in stone, as God's greatest gift is our free will. Most people feel very empowered after their sessions.  

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