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"Called in the morning of my reading and I was floored. She basically answered all of my questions without my having to prompt her. I've never had anyone be able to do that. And please note that my questions had nothing to do with each other and the questions were not structured to off-shoot the previous. By the end of my reading she asked me if there was anything else I'd like to know and all I could say was no (!)." 

-- Borneo G., San Diego, CA

Teri Hunter

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​​Teri Hunter

"Several years ago, I took a card reading class with Teri and was so impressed with her knowledge, insight, and ability to perceive aspects in my life, that I began to see her regularly.  Teri is very intuitive and is able to get right to the heart of the matter.  That said, she doesn't hold back on delivering "tough" information with a caring demeanor.." 

-- Peggy M., Lake Forest, CA


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Your Guide to Angel Readings, Reiki, Meditation and Self-Exploration

I am an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, an Intuitive Guide, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach. 

Frankly, I don't think I'm different from anyone else.  I think we all want to be loved, feel accepted and to have purpose in our lives.  What I didn't understand was why it was so hard to obtain these simple things.  I couldn't understand why a loving God would put us on this planet to suffer. This is where my journey really began. Deep in my heart I knew I had something to contribute, that I have value on this planet yet I also had a nagging inner dialogue that said I had to struggle to get the things I wanted in my life.  

I literally got so fed up with my need to "struggle" I started to ask myself "Why am I like this?" Epiphany - it was a habit!!!  Upon that realization I started to actively seek avenues to stay in the present; to break the cycle passed down from generation to generation. I came to realize the only control I had on my life was in my viewpoint and my viewpoint would require me being conscious.  Not always my strong suit.

I am grateful for those times of struggle because they have prompted me look for tools. Tools that would help me get out of my own way and create the life I truly deserve. I discovered that so many of things I did were simply behaviors I had developed through years, some from my parents, some from my friends, some from people I didn't even like.  My behavior was an unconscious mishmash of experiences that weren't always healthy. I learned that I could really look at situations and choose how I responded to them.  In that choice were the seeds to the happiness I craved.   

As you peruse the pages of this website, I hope you will take an opportunity to ask any questions or inquire about my services. ​

Angel Therapy Practitioner® | Intuitive Guide | Reiki Master | Spiritual Advisor | Meditation Guide | Psychic | Life Coach