​​Teri Hunter

What a reading can do for you:

Realize the power of your choices

Provide tools to create your heart’s  


Realize your true potential

Unleash blocks that have held you back

Open yourself to new possibilities

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Teri Hunter

Phone:  949.903.3385

Email: info@terihunter.com

My Philosophy about Readings:

I believe any kind of reading, no matter what you call it, whether it’s a psychic reading, a tarot reading, throwing runes, or an angel reading, is simply a tool.  A tool that can empower someone to fully manifest and express their heart’s desires here in the material world.    

Many of us are shrouded in a fog – a fog that has been unconsciously passed down from generation to generation. Thoughts that we’re not good enough, lovable enough or valuable enough to have the things we want in our lives is sadly "normal".  We are mindlessly robbing ourselves of our God-given right to live happy, fulfilled and joyous lives. 

An angel reading is a tool used for counseling and guidance. Like a sailor uses a compass to find his way on a moonless night, my readings capture the landscape of the influences currently effecting you and/or lessons from previous experiences.  Once recognized, these blocks can be released, revealing fresh possibilities for the future. 

It is my belief the key to creating the life I deserve and desire lies in the choices I make. And being conscious that those very choices are laying the stepping stones toward or away from my desires. 

Many people consult a reader during times of fear and confusion. A reading can bring comfort and reassurance as it reveals potential paths, eliminating the fear and illuminating your choices. Even when we think we aren’t making a choice, that is in fact making a choice and creates an outcome all its own. 

It is my intention to provide each of my clients’ the clarity of mind and the resolve necessary to make the choices that turn their dreams into a reality. I believe there is no deep, dark secret to happiness. It is simply the ability to truly live in the moment and embrace it. To consciously see that I have created this very moment to serve my greatest life’s experience. I choose.  

I know how difficult this is to put into practice, that's why I developed Taking Charge: A Commitment to Self.  I hope that by sharing the insights and messages of these readings I can evoke a sense of empowerment, hope and courage in all of you.

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